Spectulise Support

Your control panel can be found at yourdomainname.com/cpanel.

Yes, if using our standard email service, you can access your emails at yourdomainname.com/webmail.

Each email account will have its own username (the account email address) and password to access the account.

If your email is in Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 you will have a different address to access your webmail - normally webmail.yourdomainname.com.

Yes, the relevant DNS records will need adding to your account. This can be actioned within your cPanel in the Zone Editor, but we would normally suggest asking us to make this change. We can then ensure everything is setup correctly to deliver to your external provider.

See our dedicated section on FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which explains how to upload files to your hosting space.

The hosting control panel will normally warn when your account usage goes above 80% of use.

You can often clear up space by deleting old emails, temporary files and backups, but if you still need more space, simply contact us and we can arrange for your account to be extended.

Note: We would suggest never clicking links on automated emails in case they are not genuine. Instead login to your account directly to check.

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If your question is unanswered and not covered by our tutorials, please contact us.