Spectulise Support

Domain name tutorials

The below tutorials show how to add domain names to your hosting account in our cPanel control panel.

An addon domain is used to add multiple domain names to your hosting account each of which can point to a different folder (subdomain) and display different content. This allows you to host multiple separate websites under one hosting account.

A domain alias is used to make your website content available from additional domain names. For example if you own multiple versions of your domain name such as and .com.

A subdomain can be used to create a subsection of your website based on the existing domain name - for example

There is no set limit. You can attach multiple domain names, either linking to the same site, or to multiple sites.

We have 4 different servers. Your 'Welcome Email' will detail the correct nameservers to use - but we can also confirm this for you.

If we are your domain provider, we will normally link it for you.

Spectulise server 1

Spectulise server 2

Spectulise server 3

Spectulise server 4