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Create a new email address

You can create email addresses on your domain name - e.g. New email accounts are setup by logging into your hosting control panel

Once logged in click 'Email accounts'. You can then view existing accounts and setup new accounts.

The video takes you through the steps to setup a new email account.

Note: It can take around 20 minutes after creating a new email address for it to become fully active.

Accessing your email address

Account settings


The full email address e.g.


Password set for that email account

Incoming server:
IMAP Port: 993 POP3 Port: 995

Outgoing server:
SMTP Port: 465

You can also access your email account via webmail at

Once your email address has been created you can install it on your computer/laptop/phone/tablet as required.

We use standard POP and IMAP protocols which should be compatible with almost all email capable devices and software.

In most cases the device will automatically configure most things for you once provided the username and password, however we've included some advanced settings below:

  • SSL should be turned on
  • Authentication type is Password
  • Username and Password fields marked 'optional' on Apple devices must be completed
  • If using Microsoft Outlook the box which says ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’ in the advanced server settings must also be ticked.

Email FAQ

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) normally leaves a copy of all messages on the server allowing you to synchronise your different devices with folders and sent items appearing across locations where your account is setup. The advantage of this is that your emails are stored centrally and not impacted if your device breaks or is lost. Storing emails centrally however may mean that your account space grows in size overtime (unless you regularly delete emails), meaning you require an increasing amount of space.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol) is where email is delivered to the device(s). Once delivered the email is normally removed from the server, often after a period of time, for example after 14 days (depending on the settings in your email software). Emails and folders are not synchronised with the server. The advantage of this is that minimal server space is required. The downside is that if your device breaks, you may only have a copy of the most recent messages stored on our server. If reliant on your emails you should make sure that these are backed up in some other way.

Historically customers tended to use POP3, but in more recent years, with cheaper hosting costs and the popularity of smart phones, IMAP has become the preferred standard. If you would like further advice, please contact us.

Simply create a new forwarder for each person you want the message to be sent to. So if needs to go to and, setup a new forwarder for each: > >

Forwarders can be setup without an actual email address existing.

If you setup an account as well be aware this will also capture a copy of the forwarded mail and will build in size overtime. This can sometimes be useful, providing a copy of forwarded messages, but can also unintentionally use account space if the email address is not in regular use.