Managing MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin in cPanel

This demo assumes you've already logged in to cPanel

Let's learn how to manage MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin

1) Click phpMyAdmin

This is the phpMyAdmin main screen

2) Let's choose demo1234_mydata as the database we wish to manage

3) Click Import

We can create a new table here.... but we're not going to do that now

4) Enter a file location here or click Browse so we can search for a database to upload

5) Click Go

We've successfully uploaded a database called test.sql, which has a table called table1 in it

Now let's learn how to save the table1 table to our personal computer

If at any time you want help with using PHPMyAdmin or MySQL, click on one of these help links

6) Click Export

7) Select the Save as file check box

8) Then click Go

9) Then click Save

This is the end of the tutorial.  You now know how to use phpMyAdmin to manually manage a MySQL database